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I can do for dry clean only pants? A blood sample was taken from Clinton on August 3, and on August 17, the FBI reported its conclusion that Clinton was the source of the semen on the dress "to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty.". Advertisement - Continue Reading Below,.S. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, treating Pee Stains on Clothes, let's play make believe and pretend that the stains in question are pee dribbles.

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With that said, however, you should feel free to go back to the cleaners and ask them to take another pass at getting the stains out, regardless of origin. When news of the the existence of the dress surfaced in published reports in early August, politicians and commentators alike agreed that the blue dress proved Clinton lied when he denied a montrer aujourd'hui les sites de rencontre sexual relationship with Lewinsky. I'm definitely going to tell you what I think those stains are, and I'm also going to tell you what you should do if they are pee dribbles, but first I'm going to tell you why I'm so pained by my suspicion that the stains. Une série de rencontres de pays sur les stratégies TIC nationales est en préparation. What's the point of having a cleaning advice column for dudes if I can't work blue? Do be sure to add, "I learned it from reading Esquire so your companions know that you're a sophisticated and literary gentleman. Ces rencontres avaient pour objet de faire connatre un large éventail de vues sur la situation dans la sous-région. Le pnud a organisé de nombreuses rencontres informelles et formelles avec les populations autochtones. Our old pal white vinegar is another one that can be employed to remove urine stains and smells from textiles. You just need to start doing kegels just like how the ladies. Le Greffier et moi-mme avons consacré l'usage fructueux des rencontres bilatérales hebdomadaires pour coordonner la gestion des affaires courantes. In late July, 1998, Lewinsky turned the dress over to Kenneth Starr's investigators after signing an immunity agreement.

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